The Avalon Project

In episode one of this Retcon Series, we had Sontarans as the first monsters encountered by Doctor Collings. That made sense as the original version of “Time Squad” had clones in cryogenic supsension, so the Sontarans were an appropriate fit.

Episode Two had no monsters and in Episode Three we had the cute little Decimas. This episode, which is based on “Project Avalon”, has an android duplicate in it so guess which monsters seemed a natural to include in the Retcon…


And that sadly, is as far as I`ve got with this project. I`m spending too much time on Fan Edits to go any further with this so these four episodes are all there is. For now, anyway. I may revisit the project in the future but I think what there is gives you an pretty good idea of what a Doctor Who/Blake`s Seven crossover might have been like!


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Children of the Web

“The Web” is one of those B7 episodes that easily becomes a Who story – can`t you just imagine the Doctor`s moral outrage at the way the Decimas are treated?

Again, Leela gets the bulk of Cally`s lines and we continue to hint at the Doctor being up to something as he keeps the Tardis locked away in one of the storage bays. As I`m doing these Retcons it strikes me that the best way to approach the involvement of the Doctor in the B7 universe is to adopt the “Tomb of the Cybermen” approach – he knows exactly what`s going on but chooses to keep it to himself and let the others work it out on their own and finally catch up with him!



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Face of the Enemy

Well, it may have taken a while but at last here`s something new for you – Episode Two of our Retcon Series, “Face of the Enemy”

This one is my version of “Seek, Locate, Destroy” and introduces us to Servalan and Travis. Since Cally is no longer part of the crew, it`s Leela who gets left behind. The Doctor is still part of the action, and understandably plays a bigger role in the climax, but this is still Blake`s story. By the end though, the Doctor is just as much in the Federation`s crosshairs as Blake and his chums are.

If B7 really had become the new format for Who, then as more of an ensemble piece, you would expect stories like this that go into each crew member`s backstory. And it would have given David Collings time to find his way into the part instead of having to find a way to make people forget about his predecessor from the off.

Also, the very fact that this is Doctor Blake means more Federation and less Monsters, which isn`t necessarily a bad thing. I won`t be putting monsters into these retcons just for the sake of it, they have to be there for a reason.



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More Sleepers of Death pix…

Since I`m so busy with all my other Who related stuff, I though it might be an idea to put some more pix up in lieu of another retcon script. I do have others completed but I wanted to get these up first.

They show how Doctor Collings and Leela would have looked onboard the Liberator and if you haven`t read the retcon script yet, they may be considered spoilers…


These pix contain images of a certain Dr Who monster that I put into the retcon instead of the humanoids that were in the cryo capsule. Go read the script first if you don`t want to know who they are…



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Sleepers of Death Pix : Post-Regeneration

I was asked a while back what Dr Collings would be wearing during Sleepers of Death and had to confess that I hadn`t really thought about it. If you look at the script for this Retcon, there`s no mention of him getting changed but I`m now assuming that he and Leela change their clobber before the TARDIS lands onboard The Liberator. Maybe I should go back and retcon my retcon!

Having recently upgraded all the Talons of Death pix, that got me thinking about what those initial TARDIS scenes might have looked like. And so…

All the screengrabs of David Collings come from Assignment Six of Sapphire And Steel btw…


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The Doctor Blake Gallery

Apologies for the lack of updates folks, here`s some DW/B7 crossover pix to be going on with in the meantime…

Did most of these years ago just to see what the much talked about crossover would have looked like. I was realy pleased to see that the Dr & Leela on board the Liberator looks just as great as I hoped it would!

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The Sleepers of Death

Ok, as promised here we are with our first retcon script for our DW/B7 crossover – Sleepers of Death, otherwise known as Time Squad from the original Series One.

Because I`d used the first three episodes of Series One for The Curse of Cygnus Alpha, I quickly realised that left just 10 episodes from that first year to play with. So in order to make up our required 13 episodes, we`re going to have to being forward some scripts from Series Two. But that`s a probelm for another day, although I do have a rough idea of what scripts will fill those slots.

The first consideration was what should be the opener. I decided to go with the next story in sequence, which was Time Squad.  There are a lot of things I like about this script, the way Leela takes the Doctor`s regeneration in her stride, Vila trusting that it`s the Doctor, Avon`s mistrust of the Doctor and the monsters that are lurking in the pod. This is Doctor Blake after all so the pod can`t have humans or humanoids in it, it`s got to have monsters. I hope you agree with the ones I chose – they seemed the only obvious candidate.

One major digression is that Cally no longer joins the crew. Leela is already there to take most of her lines and adding her would be a needless complication. She will be back when Leela leaves, don`t worry…

All in all, I think this is quite a good start for a new Doctor in a new setting and new format. I`d like to think that this is the approach they would have taken had all this been for real.

And lastly, Time Squad isn`t a very Doctor Who-y title. And I`ve never been a fan of one-word titles either so Sleepers of Death it is! I hope you like it and any feedback would be appreciated.



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